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Hardware and Device deployments of our platform are free.*


Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

ISR’s iLi engine is arguably one of the most advanced Cognitive Artificial Intelligence platforms available.

Moving beyond traditional approaches to human interaction through natural language processing (NLP), the iLi engine architecture focusses on the replication of human thinking processes.

iLi has been in development for several years and has matured as the single code base for all our prototype hardware developments.

This development test shows the advanced input and output mechanics of the iLi engine.

DEVELOPMENT time for thIS conversational process was about 4 hours.


Please Note:

The UI shown is a simple test rig and not part of the platform.



You can now download and try the iLi engine for free by creating an account with our partner organisation

AIStudio is a professional level desktop application. It gives you the ability to create and manage complex voice based conversations while at the same time allowing your organization to protect its intellectual property by providing external libraries locally.

While AIStudio is the exclusive editor of the iLi Engine, direct supply to manufactures is coordinated through ISR. We can provide customised versions of the platform on request for both the Linux and Windows operating systems.


In a world first, ISR's iLi engine supports bespoke AI based personalities

In a world first, ISR's iLi engine supports bespoke AI based personalities

Incredible flexibility to go ultra-deep into the internal processes of the AI

Incredible flexibility to go ultra-deep into the internal processes of the AI

Protecting your intellectual property

Most manufacturers we talk to say similar things when it comes to functionality exposed through digital assistant technology.

They all spend a large amount of money investing in new algorithms and proprietary solutions and they don’t want that IP stored up in a cloud somewhere, open and available to anyone else.

We understand this and so we made sure the iLi engine would allow 3rd parties to expose services and functional code through a local code based mechanism.

This solution allows 3rd parties to either directly reference a .net compliant dll file and consume it within their conversations, or a .net wrapper can also be created and consumed providing an additional separation layer.


You can opt for either a subscription based model (transactional billing) or a deployment license.

It should be noted that some functionality is built on top of supplier services from companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and IBM Watson. License fees from ISR do not include services provided by outside organisations.

Customer Service

Optionally we offer direct customer support based on the number of deployed instances of our platform. Naturally, the closer we work with you, the easier it is for us to help wherever and whenever you need it.

* Free distribution of the iLi engine is for products that are not internet or network connected devices. An AIStudio Manufacturing license is required to develop and deploy the iLi engine.