The complexity of people.

People are unpredictable, demanding and fast moving. They speak with emotion, underscored with accents. They live in quiet country houses and loud city apartments. They work with small groups of friends and large collections of associates.

They are sometimes happy, sometimes sad and sometimes a little in between.

As individuals, people have extraordinary differences; yet as families, they share remarkable similarities.

It’s the core of these similarities that we are focusing on.

People are not complex. People's lives are complex.

We want to make it simple.


Our start up

Iridium Systems and Robotics Corporation (ISR) makes robots that help people.

It all starts in people’s homes, extending into enterprise and industrial environments. Our robots are the first step towards providing people and families with time efficiency through daily automation processes.

Our mission is to create robots that help people. Not replace them.


ISR is a start-up company based in London England, currently funded through seed investment and preparing for a Series ‘A’ PE or VC derived investment.

Our core team and extended family contains 40+ individuals and organisations from around the world, who are involved either as direct resources or under advisory capacity.

Together, we are all moving ISR rapidly forward.


For further information on ISR, please contact us here.