The era of personal Robotics is here.

With personal robotics and automation, ISR will deliver an ecosystem of devices, content and services that are designed to help people of all ages, young and old, come together in all types of environments, home and office, as a synchronized harmonious group.

We believe a truly personal robot can't be limited to one space, one set of experiences, and one type of interaction or conversation. A virtual companion available wherever and whenever needed, must become part of a family and learn how to be helpful.


Family. Things. Time.

These three key areas of modern life most often contain the drivers for instability, confusion and a sense of disorganized chaos.

Research tells us that when people manage these three areas well, their happiness levels increase dramatically, their productivity rates go through the roof and their quality of life improves substantially.

Everything ISR does, goes towards making these three areas of life, better for everyone.